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Noodles Tattoo was opened in Warrenville, IL by Emilian "Noodles Spengler" in January of 2013. Noodles Tattoo can provide you with just about any kind of tattoo imaginable – from a small and simple design to a unique art piece that covers any size portion of your body. Our artists can work from a drawing or photograph you bring in, or you can tell our artists what you have in mind and they can sketch a design for your approval. You can also look through our artists’ portfolios to see their tattoo designs while visiting the shop if you do not have a particular design in mind.

How Would I Go About Getting A Tattoo At Noodles Tattoo?

If you are new to Noodles Tattoo, firstly: Welcome!

Secondly, know that it is important to be aware of how the studio handles consultations, appointments, and walk-ins. We recommend visiting the shop in person just to look around and review the portfolios of the artists who are currently working at the shop. You can also review our work on social media outlets like Facebook and Instagram - all within the comfort of your own home - cause technology! This process will familiarize you with the work being produced. Once youve viewed the work, we strongly recommend making an appointment, though we do try to accommodate walk-ins. 

Do I Need A Consultation?

Most likely. Setting up a consultation with the tattooer of your choice will ensure you are closer to getting the exact tattoo youre looking for. This process allows the tattooist to start prepping ideas, ways to approach the tattoo, and gives time to discuss a few things with you: tattoo size, time, cost, placement location, etc. We recommend contacting the shop by phone and asking to speak with the artist you have chosen. If they are with another client, please leave your contact information so they can get back to you when they are available. We will do our best to communicate with you directly in lieu of the counter staff which is normally scheduled on Fridays and Saturdays only. 

If sending an email, be sure to label it for the particular artist you want. The owner always answers the emails in the order in which they are received. If they are labeled for a particular tattooer they will be forwarded to them. You will not get slighted on scheduling, regardless of when we reply, and emails are checked almost every business day. The typical response time for artists is a few business days, though their appointments and availability may vary from week to week. If you have not heard from us within 7 business days, you are welcome to call us or send another message (as sometimes our email may sort them as SPAM, propaganda, robot food, etc.). We appreciate your patience.

 Do I Set Up An Appointment? Or Just Walk-in?

The tattooist handles their own schedule so you must make that appointment with that particular artist. The appointment would generally follow a consultation, though they are not usually required for existing clients because they have already been discussing what theyre going to get next. If you are not concerned with the particular tattooer (generally due to the small nature and simplicity of the design) we will put you in touch with the tattooer with the earliest availability. Most Fridays and Saturdays we have a tattooer working on a first come first served basis so chances are, you can walk in at your leisure and get a tattoo right then and there depending on their availability. If you are looking to get a small tattoo that may not need the prep work of a larger, more intricate tattoo, we recommend Fridays and Saturdays. We have a Tattooer (tattooer may vary) on Fridays and Saturdays taking walk-ins on a first-come first served basis From Noon until 8:00 p.m.

All appointments require a $60.00, non-refundable deposit and can be taken directly by the tattooer who will be performing the tattoo. The deposit is subtracted from the total cost of the tattoo. For multi-session work, we will carry over your initial deposit to your last appointment. That way you won't have to put down a deposit for every appointment.

How Soon Can I Get Tattooed?

It all depends on how our schedules sync up with your availability. Once we have a clear idea of what you'd like to get tattooed, it doesn't take very long to get a design drawn up.
We are usually booked on a day's notice but sometimes we have weird gaps in our schedules so it never hurts to ask! The sooner, the better!

How Long Is It Going To Take / How Do Multiple Sessions Work?

We can work as quickly or as slowly as your time and monetary budgets allow. Its recommended to wait at least a month to go back into a tattoo in order to allow proper time to heal the outlines and/or shading. Schedule at least two appointments ahead so you know when it's coming and both parties can be prepared. Once the outline is applied, we can move to different areas of your tattoo so we could go into it weekly, every 2 weeks, etc. depending on how quickly you'd like to finish it. Waiting more than six months between sessions is the maximum amount of time we'd recommend to wait as its important to keep the image consistent. Try your best to budget your time/money toward consistency and we can help you figure that out.

How Much Does It Cost To Get Tattooed?

The shop minimum is $80. Tattoos that can be completed in one session are priced by the piece. Multi-session tattoos are priced by the hour and require a minimum $60 deposit which will be carried over to the last appointment. Not all pricing can be quantified by the elapsed tattooing time: the intricacy of the design, the placement on the body, and the length of your sessions also factor into the price of your tattoo.

The amount of research that goes into most of our new work is extensive and can take hours before we ever put pencil to paper. All that time and effort goes into the total cost of a tattoo. 


A Lesson In Tattoo Pricing:

Basically, there are two types of tattoo budgets: SIZE and PRICE. We have no preference as to which type of budget you have; we just need to know in order to start. The last thing we want for our clients is for them to be put in a financial bind and we do our best to be clear and straight forward so both parties are happy with the results. If your priority is SIZE, then the price will be decided based on that. If your priority is PRICE, the size and placement of your tattoo will be determined by that parameter. For example, lets say you want to get a tattoo that covers your entire forearm. We decide what your imagery will be and we draw the tattoo for that area. When the drawing is complete, we can tell you how much that tattoo is going to cost. Conversely, lets say your mom gave you $250 to get a heart with "MOM" in it for your birthday, or maybe hers - whatever. We will then draw the tattoo with that price in mind. Placement and experience are also factors when getting tattooed so staying open-minded is the best way to get the best tattoo for your money and one Mom will be proud of.

Obviously, your priorities may fall on a spectrum between both of these factors. That's totally fine! Just let us know what is most important and we can plan accordingly. Any of our clients will tell you that we don't pass judgment on anyone who is honest with us and we do our absolute best to be honest with them. However, price-shopping and trying to get tattooed for the cheapest possible rate is not a game we are interested in playing.

We will not undercut our colleagues. We have a huge amount of respect for fellow tattooers in this industry. We're all in this together.

Do I Need To Pay For The Drawing?

As mentioned, we will take a $60 non-refundable deposit, which is also your appointment deposit, so that's included in the price of your finished tattoo. Basically, the drawing is our property until we apply it to your skin. Then, it's your tattoo and you can do whatever you want with it. Keep in mind that we may need to draw the design at the time of the appointment depending on the complexity of the image. It must fitwith your body aesthetically and will benefit the outcome of the tattoo if changes are considered at that time, so we may not have a final draft ready until you come in.

Do I Have To Send You A Reference / Should I Send You Pictures Of Tattoos I Like?

You can send as little or as much as you'd like! We feel like most of the tattoo images that Google (or...uh...Alta Vista?) will find for you are mediocre at best. The amount of

information can also be overwhelming. We are happy to know what kind of aesthetic appeals to you but you certainly don't need to put yourself out to find it. Also, if you've found a specific tattoo(s) that we have done and you want something similar then DEFINITELY let us know. That will help us immensely in figuring out what you're interested in, even if it turns into a Six Degrees of Kevin Baconsort-of-thing.


If you can keep all your reference material in one email thread... That. Is. Completely. Awesome. It makes organizing all of your information much easier and more accessible. We can search your email in the Shop Inbox to find your reference (Gmail doesn't always cooperate, remember, its hungry for robot food).

I Found A Specific Tattoo I Like On The Internet, And It Exactly.

Sure, you can have a design that is similar - be it similar in subject matter, style, or composition. We will not steal another tattooer's design. It's not fair to the person who crafted it or the person wearing it. Tattoo FLASH is intended to be used as inspiration for tattoos so it falls into an entirely different category than someone's custom tattoo. (Were also pretty good at hunting down original sources of common designs). Its a great place to start if you found a tattoo that you like but don't want to get exactly the same thing.

Can I See My Design Before My Appointment?

There are a few reasons why we don't release our drawings prior to a scheduled appointment. The number one reason is that sharing and reproducing images is extremely easy over the web. We'd rather not have our artwork potentially taken to another artist by you or someone else. While we would never assume that you would do that (would you?!), it has happened and has made us institute this policy.

Secondly, we draw tattoos in order of appointment so our schedule dictates when we get a drawing finalized. We do our best to give equal care and attention to each client's work which takes as much time as it has to. A line drawing usually looks nothing like your finished tattoo anyway, so you're missing about 2/3 of the information needed to interpret the design at all. Lastly, we are a little superstitious about being over-prepared. That's just a personal preference of ours and we chose a process which keeps our ideas fresh but has a handle on the final product.

What If I Want To Make Changes To My Design?

No problem. If you want to make small changes, we can make them on the fly on the day of your appointment. If you want to make big changes or we need to re-draw your idea, we can just reschedule you. Both of these situations are fairly rare occurrences, but we won't make you get a tattoo that you aren't excited about. If you like the tattoos we make or the work of a particular artist, you will most likely dig the tattoo we/they draw for you if we have all the pertinent info.

We've also started scheduling large pieces with new clients on a day where we can take the time to discuss the tattoo and make adjustments. If we feel like we are ready to make the tattoo that you'd like, we can take our time getting on the same page. This cuts down on time between emails/consultations and execution so information doesn't get lost in the shuffle. 


Getting Your First Tattoo

Getting that first tattoo can be a life changing experience and the beginning of journey marked by many other tattoos. Or it can just be a tattoo that resonates with you and you find appealing. Regardless of your reasoning, here are some things to consider when getting your first tattoo.

Tattoos and Pain: One of the first questions that arises before someone gets their first tattoo is, “Does it hurt?” That question is difficult to answer because everyone has a different tolerance for pain, you will certainly experience some discomfort. The location of that tattoo can also determine the level of discomfort. Areas such as feet and hands have a lot of nerve endings, so getting a tattoo will likely be less comfortable. Also, getting tattooed on an area that is tender - such as the inner thigh or over a bone - is going to hurt a bit more. However, in most cases it will probably hurt less than you think it will so don’t get psyched out.

Give Your Tattoo Some Thought: While you may want to get a tattoo, you may not have any idea of what you want. Getting a tattoo can be a really great experience but if you get something that you end up not liking, you either have to live with it forever or go through the process of having it removed. Having a tattoo removed is a lot longer process, hurts more and in some cases even with lasers, the tattoo will still be visible. Most tattoo shops have images on their walls or in books of the work they have done. Many times you can come up with some good ideas or find exactly what you want. Consult with the tattoo artist as well. They can be great resources for ideas and information.

Age: You must be at least 18 years old to be tattooed.  According to Illinois body art code, any person who tattoos or offers to tattoo anyone under the age of 18 years is guilty of a misdemeanor.

Tattoo Aftercare

Everything fades with time, even your new tattoo. However, if you take care of your skin and the tattoo, its 'new look' will last a long time. As with any art, inks and equipment have improved over time so tattoos last even longer without fading. Here are some tips to make sure your tattoo continues to look great for years to come.

Initial Care: Once you have your new tattoo, it is important to follow the procedures regarding initial care. Once you remove the initial bandage, gently wash the tattoo with anti-bacterial soap. Do not use any sort of astringents, alcohols or peroxide to clean the tattoo. It is important that the tattoo is left alone beyond our initial care instructions as set forth below. 

Ointments\ Lotions : Once you have cleaned the tattoo, Dry the tattoo by applying a small amount of repeated pressure with a clean paper towel. Do not re-bandage. Vitamins A and D ointment  or Aquaphore in very small amounts work very well when applied the following three days one - two times daily. The ointment base can seem oily at first. With clean hands, continue to massage a small amount gently into the fresh area. Then gently remove any excess with a repeated dab'ing  motion with a clean paper towel. Any excess can cause a small breakout of redness. If this occurs, discontinue use of the ointment and move forward to Lotion.  There are also a number of ointments and balms that are made specifically for tattoos. Some work well some don't really seem to make any difference. After three days, switch to a fragrance-free lotion, (i.e. Lubriderm) Do not use petroleum jelly (i.e. Vaseline, Neosporin), as it will fade your tattoo. Once this is done, leave the tattoo uncovered. Make sure to wash your tattoo twice a day for three to four days with anti-bacterial soap and warm water. continue to wash once a day  until the tattoo seems healed. By healed we mean any excess skin has shed and the tattoo has become smooth and soft to the touch.

Healing: After three to four days, instead of applying an ointment, use a lotion that does not have any sort of fragrance. Also avoid swimming in lakes or pools, soaking in hot tubs or taking baths for two weeks. This will prevent the tattoo from fading or becoming infected due to bacteria. During the healing process, your tattoo is going to itch. Do not scratch or pick at the scab. In most cases, applying lotion to the tattoo will help to relieve itching. Tattoo healing time can be different for people. a good rule of thumb is the younger and healthier one is, the quicker the tattoo will heal. Average healing at any age is between 3-4 weeks.  Be patient if this is your first one, if you become concerned in any way, Visit the shop in person so we can help determine whether medical attention is needed. Light physical activity is OK.  Take it easy for a week or two.

Sunscreen and Tanning: When you get a new tattoo, you are going to want to show it off. However, for the first couple of weeks, avoid tanning, Swimming of any kind, and direct sunlight as this can fade the tattoo. Once the tattoo has healed, being out in the sun is not a problem but you want to make sure that you apply sunscreen on the tattoo to protect it from fading.

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