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Emil "Noodles" Spengler

Noodles was born in 1982, 20 miles west of downtown Chicago. His father was a Chicago public school teacher and his mother stayed at home to raise four children. Both of them worked to expose their children to the arts, sciences, music and literature. “I recall tattoos on my first barber’s arms. I was fascinated by tattooing at an early age. There was a mystery and beauty about the tattoo. I started getting tattooed as soon as I could, as much as possible to learn as much as I could about it.”  

Soon after Noodles undertook tattooing himself with absolute conviction and sincerity.  He continues to work and study in the field today with the same sincerity and conviction as he did all those years ago. His efforts won him the 2018 National Tattoo Association’s People’s Choice Back Piece award on his good friend Mr. Max.

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