Noodles Tattoo

A few good ones keep you happy

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Emil "Noodles" Spengler

I was Born in 1982 twenty miles west of downtown Chicago. My father was a Chicago public school teacher. My mother stayed at home with four children. Both my mother and father supported all four of their children in the arts, sciences, music and literature. I recall tattoos on my first barbers arms. I was fascinated by tattooing at an early age. There was a mystery and beauty about the tattoo. I started getting tattooed as soon as I could, as much as possible to learn as much as I could about it.  Soon after I undertook tattooing itself with absolute conviction and sincerity.  I continue to work and study in the field today with the same sincerity and conviction as I did Seventeen years ago. I can be reached at the shop during our regular working hours or via email through the shop  @

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