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Noodles Tattoo & Co. Inc


    Noodles Tattoo is proud to share the newest of classic concepts in the art of tattooing since 2013 and the invention of the electric tattoo machine. Removed from the distracting hustle and bustle downtown city of Chicago. Noodles tattoo is secluded in the Old Warrenville business district 20 miles west in the greater Chicagoland area. Here you can enjoy a relaxed atmosphere, and mature assistance in selecting a design which is uniquely an affirmation of you. 
    We wish to stress that the decision to get a tattoo is a far reaching one, and what you ultimately decide to have placed on your body will remain there in one way or another for the rest of your life. This decision therefore, should be made under optimum conditions for positive reflection. This shop is by no means ostentatious and smaller tattoos for the first timer are always welcomed as an opportunity to share our love of tattooing to newcomers. 

    Tattooer owned and operated Noodles Tattoo is a dynamic idea assuring you the finest workmanship, brightest colors, and an unlimited source for designs. We offer the safest possible sterile application to ensure a long life of your final choice. This concept may not be for everyone. You deserve the best.


We love Tattooing